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Jon Thebur is a german pianist, composer and arranger. Mainly influenced by the pop music of the eighties, Jon studied classical music as well as jazz music and composition. Over the years he worked with several well known artists as a composer, arranger or producer. Also writing for string quartet and orchestra, composing for TV and film and working as a jazz pianist for several projects. But never forget to compose his own music and focusing in a minimalistic way, but deep and melodious. Jon´s main instrument is the piano but more often in combination with instruments like Sansula, Kalimba, Glockenspiel and electronics. His new album "In some other place" (2020) includes three piano cover versions of british singer Black aka Colin Vearncombe (1962 - 2016) who had massive hits in the eighties. Jon has grown up with his songs and had always a deep connection to his music.


Jon Thebur ist Pianist, Komponist und Arrangeur.

Von der Popmusik der achtziger Jahre beeinflußt, begann er schon im frühen Alter mit Keyboards und Synthesizern zu experimentieren und seine eigenen Stücke zu entwerfen.

Später studierte Jon Thebur klassisches Klavier, Jazzpiano und Jazzkomposition/Arrangement.

Die Hauptrolle in Jon's Musik spielt das Klavier, oft auch in Kombination mit den Instrumenten Sansula, Kalimba und Glockenspiel sowie Elektronik (Looper, Effekte).

Im Fokus steht der melodische, minimalistische Moment.

Das Zerbrechliche, Nachdenkliche, aber auch das Schöne und Hoffnungsvolle.

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